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Confronting Islamophobia

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There is an old saying: “You judge your Ego by your intentions and Others’ by facts.” In a conflict Ego vs Other, judgement is by the best intentions and the worst facts. “Islamophobia” sounds like that, as does Christiano-phobia. A supporting Saying, “By the Fruits you shall know the Tree”.

Christianity may be judged for Inquisition and witch-hunt processes. And Christians may respond, yes, this happened in Christian countries. But there are deeper truths in Christianity, such as Jesus’ Samaritan work and solidarity with those who suffer and Mary’s intercession to save us from purgatory and damnation in hell, for salvation in heaven.

Much islamophobia is rooted in images of one or more of the 57 Muslim countries, judging them by (Western-individualist) Human Rights and sometimes by more universal People’s Rights–like the plight of the Kurds in Turkey and Syria-Iraq-Iran.

Academics like myself may emphasize particularly academic freedom, not only to answer questions and respond to general queries, but to ask new questions and raise new queries.

And Muslims may respond, yes, this and that happened and happens in Muslim countries, including in Turkey today. But there are deeper truths in Islam: faith in one and only one god, Allah, and in one prophet, Mohamed, building on Musa (Moses) and Isa (Jesus).

And Muslims may respond: Islam is about togetherness and sharing, not about dogma. Christianity has many dogmas, Islam only those two. The opposite of togetherness is isolation, loneliness,........

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